Hermine & Gibson design and sell accessory items based on our own designs. Our philosophy is to offer a feeling of peace of mind through the combination of fashion, quality and safety. We offer a beautiful collection of handbags, which are timeless classics as well as ready for everyday life.


Our goal is to offer a feeling of safety with our handbags. Only premium materials, mostly Italian leather and excellent workmanship are used to construct our handbags designed to resist against, ripping, cutting and tearing. Our quality control levels are of the highest, all products are subject to a rigorous and demanding quality control procedure before it leaves the workshop.


The foundation of this innovative Scandinavian design company is based on an original patent by Charlotte Hermine Klemming, designer and founder of Hermine & Gibson ®. The history behind Boulevardian Bag stems from a tragic event, when a lady was victim to a purse snatching. When Charlotte Hermine Klemming learned about this, she was moved, and as a designer this motivated her to construct and design a new handbag.


A handbag is a practical accessory item, which women will not go without and it can very well include a safety and security device with purpose to enhance an individual’s peace of mind. A realization of the consequences prompted the design and birth of the Boulevardian Bag™. This was the fruit of many years of product research and development. Together with Antonia Gibson, continues a research in product development with the ultimate goal to offer quality products for all customers.


The properties of the Boulevardian Bag are patented. One of these unique properties is an audible alarm device, which is built in neatly and discreetly. These unique developments signals a new era for handbags.


Hermine & Gibson is proud to present the collection of 2017. A warm welcome to review our product line.





Hermine & Gibson presents the security handbag Boulevardian, designed by Charlotte Hermine Klemming.

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