Users info

Users info

Usage and care instructions for Boulevardian Bag


Here are the recommendations for a proper storage and usage:


Do not store or carry articles, which are overly heavy in your Boulevardian Bag.


Grossly overloading a Boulevardian Bag can result in damage to the bag as well as unnecessary alarm activation.


Do not store, carry or clean your Boulevardian Bag with chemical or liquids of any type.


Do not attempt to repair or modify your Boulevardian Bag as that will render the warranty null and void. If you have any questions please contact your retailer or Hermine & Gibson.


Specifications and limitations are subject to change.


Boulevardian Bag can be used without the alarm in ”active mode”. Disconnect the alarm sprint from its connecting harness or remove batteries. A string is also connected to the alarm and is aimed to be hanging out of the bag for a manual alarm activation. Place this string inside the bag if you do not want any alarm activation.


Battery lifetime can not be specified as the less it is used the longer it lasts. To enforce quality and owner satisfaction it is recommended to quality control batteries periodically by yourself. The alarms capacity at full battery strength is 130 dbl and continues of alarm for over 3 hours.


Installation of battery:


1.Keep the alarm sprint inserted in the alarm unit to avoid unnecessary alarm activation.

2.Loosen the alarm sprint from the clasp fastening with the safety wire connection inside the handbag.

3.Remove alarm unit from the alarm holder. The alarm can now be handled freely.

4.Remove the two screws on alarm unit’s backside.

5.Remove the cover plate.

6.Remove or install 9V alkaline battery, pay attention to battery (polarity + / -).

7.Replace back cover and secure screws.

8.Test unit by pulling alarm sprint. Keep the alarm unit at least two feet away from your ears when testing, as the alarm

device is loud. Test the device were it would not cause disturbance.

9.Put the pin back place alarm unit in its alarm holder and reconnect alarm sprint and armored safety wire connection.